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New Year, New Products :)

Posted by me a name i call myself | 3:58 AM | 0 comments »

Assalamualaikum.. we've a new name on FB, its called 'DressMeHappy' Please like k?
Some products on sale:

Shirt White / Black, RM35 per piece
PROMO Price : RM29 per piece

Cropped Jacket RM29

Very comfy, soft awning and India Cotton body..Insyallah, comfort is guaranteed =)
From today to 7th Feb, price is RM25..after that its RM30 hurry!

COMBO shirt plus tudung
Actual Price :
Tudung RM30, Shirt RM35, TOTAL RM65
Combo Price : RM56, PROMO Price: RM49

Just contact me for orders k? Add RM6 for postage..TQ :)